Disaster and Trauma clean up

Contingent upon the injury, you could be presented too many perilous wellbeing dangers in your home or wherever the occurrence happened. Any natural liquids or other organic waste needs to be appropriately cleaned as well as discarded in a waste office particularly for unsafe material. Proficient cleanup specialists are particularly prepared and guaranteed to react to an injury, to take after government directions for perilous waste expulsion, and to guarantee adherence to elevated requirements of security.

The requirements

As an industry pioneer in business cleaning, Swiss Maid is focused on the continuous advancement of inventive cleaning techniques.

Professional Home Cleaning

We'll precisely detail-clean your kitchen and lavatories, while giving an intensive cleaning to whatever remains of your home.

Working Process With Us

The Cleaning Authority will be the main supplier of private cleaning administrations by making a constructive effect on the personal satisfaction of the property holders we serve, the general population we utilize,and the franchisees we bolster. Our main goal is to emphatically affect the personal satisfaction of our clients.

Payments Methods and process

The installment is expected the day the administration is performed. You may pay with the check, Visa, or MasterCard. Numerous clients leave a check, payable to Swiss Maid, on their kitchen table or ledge. For your benefit, on the off chance that you lean toward paying with the charge card, a number might be left on the document with us to use for each cleaning. One-time cleans require a Visa installment.

Getting started with Swiss maid

We will furnish you with an exhaustive rundown of our extensive variety of administrations, so you may pick what you'd like us to improve the situation you.Together we will make a work arrange custom fitted to your particular solicitations, and you will be given a duplicate. This isn't an agreement, however just another approach to promise you our customized, predictable and auspicious administration.

Terms and Conditions

Swiss Maid will further request our clients, that If you don't mind instruct our professionals regarding any exceptional issues, for example, scent, spots, stains, tears, tears, frail furniture legs, free table tops, and so forth preceding starting the cleaning procedure. It would be ideal if you expel all brittle and delicate things from the ranges to be cleaned. Kindly evacuate your pet(s) to a sheltered area amid the work cleaning process. It would be ideal if you keep your little kids out of the work zone amid the work cleaning process, to anticipate conceivable damage.

  • The cleaning process is done with real care, still the damageable things must be taken care of by the customer.
  • We try to work more towards water less cleaning, so if the customer has specific requirements, those must be discussed before.
  • No contract will be signed between clients and employees directly, any communication among the staff and client will be entertained through Swiss Maid directly.
  • In case of any negligence by our staff, client can contact us any time we will serve them with the best possibilities that we can offer.
Crime Scene and Trauma Clean Up

The scene of a wrongdoing, mischance, suicide, unattended demise or another unforeseen life occasion can open relatives to injury and biohazards. Catastrophe Cleanup reacts instantly to oversee and dispense with biohazard risks that might be available after a demise or damage, assuaging others of this sincerely awful undertaking carefully, delicately and professionally without attention or sentimentality.

Special equipment and cleaning agents

The cleaning requires extraordinary gear and cleaning specialists, both for assurance and exhaustive cleansing. Utilizing doctor's facility review cleansing tests, cleanup specialists have the devices, preparing and experience to ensure there are no waiting well-being dangers.

Service Brochure

We offer our customers with the most extreme clearness in regards to our administrations and prepare them for the best ever encounters.

Eliminating Danger by clean up

The sooner you call the better. Leaving an injury related circumstance can fundamentally elevate the well being dangers from presented blood borne pathogens to the chemicals discharged in your home.


The Swiss maid is searching for positive, enthusiastic and reliable people who get a kick out of the chance to clean and take pride in their work. Every colleague has a critical part, essential to our prosperity and the fulfillment of our clients. Many colleagues have been elevated to route managers or office supervisors and others have turned into our benefits.



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